V: Vegan  GF: Gluten free

Espresso   € 2,1                          Filter coffee        € 2,8
Cortado    € 2,3                          Tea                  € 2,2
Americano  € 2,4 / 2,9                    Matcha coconut latte € 3,1
Cappuccino € 2,8                          Tumeric latte        € 3,1
Latte      € 3                            Chai Latte           € 3,1
Flat white € 3,1                          Hot cacao            € 3,1 

Choices of milk: Bio milk, oat milk, coconut milk

FRESH TEA € 2,75
Hibiscus tea with orange            Fresh sage tea with cloves
Fresh mint tea                      Ginger tea with orange    

JUICES Daily freshly pressed juices S: € 3,5  L: € 4,5
Pink: Beet, lemon, apple, ginger
Dutch Glory: Carrot, ginger, apple
Mean Green: Spinach, cucumber, lime, green apple, parsley
Fresh orange juice

Pellegrino sparkeling water  €2,5

SHOTS: Ginger & lemon or Tumeric & orange  € 2

SMOOTHIES S: € 3,5  L: € 4,5
Tumeric Sunshine: Mango, pineapple, orange, turmeric & black pepper (V) (GF)
Easy Green: Spinach, cucumber, pineapple, basil & parsley (V) (GF)
Breakfast: Yoghurt, berries, pineapple, oats (GF) & flaxseeds


Check out our counter for our daily sweets

Croissant with jam or butter € 2  Croissant with cheese  € 2,5
Yoghurt with homemade granola (GF) and fruits € 4,5
Oatmeal power breakfast: warm oats with coconut milk, topped with seeds, cacao & peanut butter  € 5,5 (GF) (V)
Combo: Smoothie with a slice of banana bread or croissant and coffee or tea of choice € 7,5

Avocado on toast: Mashed avocado, chilli flakes, topped with feta and coriander or parsley €5 (V: omit feta)
Hummus on toast: Homemade hummus topped with rocket and cucumber €4 (V)
Toast with cheese and tomato from the oven €4
Red carrot burger with homemade ranch dressing, rocket and sprouts €9,5
Homemade quiche with seasonal vegetables and a small side salad €7

*Gluten free bread upon request

Daily changing soups (see board)

*Our soups are always gluten free and most of the time vegan

Pink: Banana, strawberries, blueberries & coconut, topped with homemade granola, dates and fruits
Yellow: Banana, mango, pineapple & coconut, topped with homemade granola and fresh fruit
Green: Banana, spinach, cucumber, mango, spirulina & hemp seeds, topped with homemade granola and fruits

SALADS S: € 4,5  L: € 7,5
Seasonal changing salads (see board)